Oregon Concealed Handgun License (CHL)
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The entire reason for this website is to provide an easy, low cost means of obtaining an Oregon CHL. I don't do this to get rich as you can tell by the pricing.

Now, there are moves to make that Oregon CHL much more difficult and expensive to obtain, particularly if you are not in or near a large city. This is being funded by out of state money, particularly Michael Bloomberg (but not him alone). The legislation under discussion is not to solve any problem with the way Oregon issues CHLs (there is no problem), nor with the people that hold them (they are, as a group better behaved with guns than the police). It is purely to try to reduce the numbers of people with CHLs.

The new law would ban on-line training. It would require live-fire (best of luck finding locations willing to do this) and would require legal instruction. You would be lucky to find such a course much under $150, and probably would have to wait months or even years to get a place. If you don't live near a training center with live-fire facilities, add in a few hundred miles drive and possibly accomodation costs if you can't do it in one day.

Please let your representatives know you think of this idea. The OFF website has more information and a form to send feedback to the committee currently looking at this. In addition, please do contact your reps. directly.

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Obtaining your Oregon CHL

To obtain an Oregon concealed handgun license (CHL), the state requires that the applicant provide proof of having been trained in handgun safety. For most people this means taking a training course given by a certified instructor.

For many people finding an instructor and training course, then deciding which one to take can be a task in itself.

Most instructors in the state do provide good training, but there are a number who provide only the bare minimum required by statute. While this is sufficient to satisfy the legal requirements, and will be accepted by the Sheriff's office it is a disservice to the student, who, for very little more (or even the same price) could get a much more comprehensive training course covering not only the legal minimum, but also an array of topics which anyone about to obtain a CHL should really be aware of.

Another important aspect of this training is that it should help people who are undecided if they should get a CHL or not to make up their minds. The course should present a clear picture of the responsibilities that go along with carrying a firearm for self defense. This is not a course of action that suits everyone. If after taking a training course a student decides, for whatever reason, that this is not for them, it is much better that they make that decision before spending time and money on acquiring a firearm and the CHL, and infinitely better than discovering it at the time that they have to make the decision to use that firearm. In any event, firearms safety training is never wasted.

Non Resident Licenses

Oregon law allows the issue of a CHL to residents of adjoining states (WA, ID, NV and CA). The principal difference is that these are not covered by the "shall issue" law, and so issuance is at the discretion of the sheriff in the county to which application is made. Some counties refuse to process out of state applications, others treat them pretty much the same as applications from Oregon residents. Fortunately, non-residents can apply to any county sheriff of their choice.


Pricing is discussed on the Training page. Those prices are final. No hidden extras, no extra fee for the certificate. I don't play those games.