Oregon Concealed Carry License
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Oregon CHL Training

Oregon requires basic handgun safety training as a prerequisite to issuing a Concealed Handgun License (CHL).

You may already have have appropriate training. If you have documentation of having received firearms training from a certified NRA or Police instructor, which includes handgun safety as an element of the course, that should be sufficient. Similarly, if you are ex-military and have a DDR-214, that may suffice, but only if it mentions that you have received handgun/pistol training. If it doesn’t mention that, you will need to get other training certification.

I offer two options; an in-person training course, and an online course*. The aim is to offer quality training at affordable prices. Unlike some of what you may find online, there is no bait and switch, prices are as advertised, no additional fee for issuing certificates etc.

Protect Your Family

You may already have a gun in the house for protection. That protection should not stop at your front door. See this page for a discussion on why you may want a CHL.

Another important aspect of this training is that it should help people who are undecided if they should get a CHL or not to make up their minds. The course should present a clear picture of the responsibilities that go along with carrying a firearm for self defense. This is not a course of action that suits everyone. If after taking a training course a student decides, for whatever reason, that this is not for them, it is much better that they make that decision before spending time and money on acquiring a firearm and the CHL, and infinitely better than discovering it at the time that they have to make the decision to use that firearm. In any event, firearms safety training is never wasted.

Non Resident Licenses

Oregon law allows the issue of a CHL to residents of adjoining states (WA, ID, NV and CA). The principal difference is that these are not covered by the "shall issue" law, and so issuance is at the discretion of the sheriff in the county to which application is made. Some counties refuse to process out of state applications, others treat them pretty much the same as applications from Oregon residents. Fortunately, non-residents can apply to any county sheriff of their choice.


Pricing is discussed on the Training page. Those prices are final. No hidden extras, no extra fee for the certificate. I don't play those games.


If you are interested in helping to keep the cost low, found the course worthwhile etc. you can contribute to the support of the website:

* In-person also includes Zoom classes.