Choosing the Right Carry Gun
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Choosing a Concealed Carry Pistol

Choosing a gun to carry around with you as part of your daily life is a non-trivial task. Like many other choices that we have to make, there are compromises and trade-offs to make. Some basic factors to think about include:

Making the final choice

The above points all need to be borne in mind, but there will still remain a huge number of guns matching the basic specifications you have decided upon. How to make the final choice?

Probably the worst thing you can do is let someone else make the decision for you. However well meaning, however experienced, they are not you. Advice on what to look at is fine, but you should make the final decision. If at all possible, you want to shoot all of the guns you are considering. Not just one or two rounds, but a whole box of ammo through each gun you are considering. Trying out different guns is not as hard as you might think. Friends may well have a variety of different guns, and be willing to take a trip to the range with you and let you try them out. If you don't have friends with guns, there are public ranges that rent guns. In the Portland area there is The Place To Shoot at Delta Park, and the Clackamas Public Safety range.