Oregon Concealed Handgun License Training
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Tel: (971) 832-9007 {8am to 8pm, outside these times call will go to voicemail}
Email: chl-training@or-chl.com

Course details

For individual or small groups these are principaly home based courses, taking place either at the student's home (or mine, if that is not convenient). If any live-fire, practical instruction is required, that can be arranged.

Larger groups can be accomodated if they have a suitable location to accommodate the group.

Training is available at any location within a reasonable distance from Newberg (Yamhill county), e.g. Tigard, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Portland, Wilsonville, McMinville etc.

The area I cover is limited by travel costs. Obviously, the economics change for larger groups.


I am always interested in feedback. Whether on why this website and offerings didn't satisfy your needs, or what could be done better, or even positive feedback if you feel it's warranted. Either by email to the address at the top of the page, or on the Facebook Page.

I did have a discussion link to Disqus on this page, but recent changes that they made broke it. The old comments became inaccessible (via the website interface) so we are starting again from scratch.

Philip Peake