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Interesting, and possibly useful links to other websites:

Firearms Information for Oregon

Some potentially interesting information on Oregon laws and firearms mythology.
Semi auto forced malfunction
Some interesting observations on how, as a final resort, you might cause an opponent's gun to fail.

Oregon Firearms Federation

Oregon gun lobby. When something of interest to Oregon CHL holder and/or gun owners is happening, OFF alerts are usually the first you will hear of it.


A website covering many aspects of aging. Discusses the fact that many older people feel more worried about being the subject of violent crime, whereas statistics indicate the opposite, and whether having a gun is an appropriate answer.

Last Resort Active Shooter

Something that most people should never have to learn, but if you ever need it, invaluable. How to deal with a shooter in public place, workplace or school.

Oregon concealed handgun web page

Basic information on the Oregon CHL provided by the state government.

Concealed handgun reciprocity information

A very useful interactive map to show at a glance where your CHL (and other out of state licences) are valid. Once you have looked at the map, take the time to look around the rest of this informative site.

Testing different calibers

Some useful tests on common self-defense ammo in different calibers.

Oregon Sheriffs' Association

Useful information on each Oregon county Sheriff's department, including links to each department's website, address, phone number etc.

A website with information on handgun laws in all the states of the US, and information on reciprocity agreements for concealed weapons licenses between states. Note that this information is for information only. Before relying on it, check with the states themselves.

The Oregon Revised Statutes. The ones you are probably are most interested in are in chapter 4, ORS-161 and ORS-166.

Don't talk to the police

This is a lecture given by Mr. James Duane, a professor at Regent Law School and a former defense attorney, telling you why you should never agree to be interviewed by the police. The second part is where he hands over to an experienced police officer who tells the same story from his point of view. In total this is close to an hour of viewing, so make sure you have the time set aside before starting. It is well worth watching.

Washington State license information

Washington state issues concealed handgun licenses to non residents. There is no requirement to have any form of training. Given how easy it is to get this license, and the shared border with northern Oregon it is strongly recommended to get one of these.

Florida concealed handgun license

Although Utah concealed licenses are currently claimed to be the best out of state license for Oregon residents wanting a license with reciprocity in as many states as possible, actually getting that license can be something of a challenge given the requirement to be trained by a Utah approved trainer. A very viable alternative is a Florida concealed handgun license. This has the double advantage that your training certification for Oregon is sufficient to meet the Florida requirements. The whole proces can be carried out by mail.

Arizona concealed weapons permit

Since Arizona revised their concealed carry laws to make the state a constitutional carry state, that is, anyone legally able to posess a firearm can carry concealed without any permit, the concealed weapon permit laws also changed, making it easier to obtain. Reciprocity for this CWP is very good, in some aspects, better than Utah. Especially since Nevada is covered by the AZ CWP, but not by the UT permit. The training offered for Oregon is sufficient to meet AZ requirements.

Gun safety

A useful article, including videos, showing howmto safely unload a wide variety of guns. Worth pointing out to people who are not enthusiastic about guns. One day, for safety's sake, they may have to make a gun safe. Better to know how rather than make a mistake.

Cornered Cat
A woman's guide to concealed carry. Kathy Jackson is an experienced instructor (amongst other things) and maintains this site specifically to address questions and issues for women who do, or want to, carry a concealed weapon. As with my own page on this topic, there is a lot of good information here, so if you are male, don't let fact that this is intended primarily for women put you off taking a look. You may learn something.


A page on women's self defense. Slightly different take on this subject than my page, but that's ok, different points of view, and different advice may well be helpful. Worth a visit.

Handgun basics - including some good animations of different gun workings

The animations on this site show the internal workings of the three basic handgun types that people are likely to use for self defense: Revolver, double action semi-auto and a striker fired semi auto.

How to strip and clean a Glock

A video demonstration of field stripping, cleaning and re-assembling a Glock pistol. This video will keep your attention much better than any video of me trying to demonstrate the same thing. The basic principles are the same for almost any modern semi-automatic pistol. The major differences are in how the slide is released/removed. This now has a content warning message. Its rather a pity they had to use a the model that they did to do the work, because the actual cleaning video is very good. Much better videoed than many of the other available cleaning videos.

Cleaning a semi-auto pistol

Another good video of very complete cleaning of a semi-auto pistol.