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Oregon CHL Zoom Training

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Scheduled Zoom Classes
  DATE         TIME
01/26/2023     3pm
Interactive sessions over Zoom, while by no means a perfect replacement for in-person courses have seemed to work better than I expected.

In-person classes usually run from two to three hours, depending upon how many questions and how much discussion takes place.

One of the advantages of doing it this way is that I am no longer restricted to offering the course to people within a reasonable driving distance of Newberg, and groups of people living relatively close to each other. With a "virtual" course, there is no problem with a group of people from all over the state, or even beyond.

The course covers all of the topics normally covered in the in-person training, as listed on this page. Plus, of course, relevant questions that people ask.

To register, select an available date and use the "Buy Now" button. The cost is $35. Same as the normal in-person course. You will receive the Zoom link in an email sent to the email address on your PayPal account (or the email address you specify if you don't have a PayPal account). Make certain that your PayPal account has the correct email address before starting the registration process.

If the available course dates don't work for you, or you have a group of people for whom you want a course, drop me an email and we can set up something for a convenient date.