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Scheduled Zoom Classes
   DATE        TIME
12/05/2020     2pm
12/12/2020     2pm
With COVID-19 not getting any better, the chances of running my normal "in person" training courses has become more and more remote.
Interactive sessions over Zoom, while by no means a perfect replacement, have seemed to work better than I expected.

I am running a few scheduled classes over Zoom. The first of these will be on Saturday, December 5th starting at 2pm. In-person classes usually run from two to three hours, depending upon how many questions and discussion takes place. I don't expect the Zoom classes to be much different.

One of the advantages of doing it this way is that I am no longer restricted to offering the course to people within a reasonable driving distance of Newberg, and groups of people living relatively close to each other. With a "virtual" course, there is no problem with a group of people from all over the state, or even beyond.

The course covers all of the topics normally covered in the in-person training, as listed on this page. Plus, of course, relevant questions that people ask.

To register, select an available date and use the "Buy Now" button. The cost is $35. Same as the normal in-person course. You will receive the Zoom link in an email sent to the email address on your PayPal account (or the email address you specify if you don't have a PayPal account), make certain that your PayPal account has the correct email address before starting the registration process.