Oregon CHL: Oregon Concealed Handgun License (CHL)
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First off, THANK YOU! I've been trying to find an affordable online ccw course for almost a month. Work has been hell and there was just NO WAY I was going to be able to make an in-person class. Also thanks for being serious, but throwing in some light-hearted humor into your course as well. I'm definitely going to pass your site around. Thanks again.


loved it... simple to the point no unwanted or needed superfluous information. well done.

- Rwright

Great class! Easy to follow while still interesting to read. Lots of 'points to consider'.

- Cyndane

I thought your online class was very well organized and clear concise information that anyone could learn from. I have been putting off getting a CHL for some time now. I guess the recent hysteria from the antigun nuts made me want to get one even more.

- TL

Very informative about gun use and safety. No overkill of the legal aspects of concealed permits. Great price as well compared to other web based courses. Will suggest to others.

- Elle

Good program, basic handgun use and information. Direct and to the point not a lot of unnessesary facts like some other more expensive programs i have seen.

- Gary

Great education and simple to use. i will suggest it to anyone

- Roman

Just went through the online certification program, informative, easy to follow and well worth the $15! 100% would recommend

- Dylan