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The Great Seal of The training course typically runs between two and three hours, depending upon the experience of the student(s) and the number of questions asked (questions are welcome!).

Students are invited to bring along their firearms (unloaded please). No live fire is included in this course.

Upon completion of the course a certificate is issued which carries all the information required. This includes all of the information typically requested by Oregon Sheriffs on their application forms:

This certificate is valid in any county in Oregon.

Course content

The section highlighted in blue is covered in the online course.
The section highlighted in yellow is the state required minimum.
The rest is covered in the in-person course.

Handgun Safety
  • Safety rules
  • Modified rules for concealed carry
  • Ammunition basics (construction, components)
  • Loading/Unloading
  • Types of action
  • Clearing jammed weapon
  • Cleaning

Practical handgun self-defense

Oregon CHL

Oregon law and self-defense