Oregon Concealed Handgun License Training
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Training involves mostly listening, although questions are encouraged. There is a small amount of hands-on practical demonstrations of some aspects of different firearms types, but no live-fire.


The standard price for face to face training is $35 ($10 for the online training) The price is about average, some courses cost more, some less. I will typically do one on one training, or small groups, most often in your own home or business, at a mutually convenient time, not on a fixed schedule at a remote location.

Although I consider the price to be reasonable for what is delivered, and as you can probably work out for yourself, I don't make a huge profit on this activity, I do realize that with things as they are, $35 might not be that easy for people to find, especially when there is $50 to find for the CHL itself, another $15 for fingerprints etc. etc.

For those that really are in financial difficulty, we can usually work to reduce the price. If money is a real issue, don't let that stand in your way. Talk to me and we will see what we can do.

The online course is a cheap option and satisfies the legal requirements, but unless you are already somewhat familiar with firearms and with the responsibilities and potential issues of carrying a concealed handgun, I recommend a face to face course -- even if its not one of mine.